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World News From BBC

Your pictures: Vintage 
  Wed, 17 Sep 2014 15:26:35 GMT 
    Readers' photos on the theme of "vintage"

Day in pictures: 17 September 
  Wed, 17 Sep 2014 13:11:07 GMT 
    News images from around the world: 17 September

In pictures: Memory of History 
  Wed, 17 Sep 2014 07:48:00 GMT 
    Lewis Bush's pictures link the past with the present

Your Pictures: Photos from Wales 
  Wed, 17 Sep 2014 07:26:47 GMT 
    A selection of your photos from around Wales

In pictures: Oscar Pistorius verdict 
  Fri, 12 Sep 2014 14:28:18 GMT 
    Pictures from the verdict

In pictures: Scottish independence referendum campaign 
  Sat, 13 Sep 2014 17:41:17 GMT 
    Yes and No campaigns in the final weekend

Day in pictures: 16 September 
  Tue, 16 Sep 2014 11:49:06 GMT 
    News images from around the world: 16 September

Oxford hosts photography festival 
  Sat, 13 Sep 2014 23:06:05 GMT 
    Oxford's first international photography festival

My family and other ibex 
  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 23:20:10 GMT 
    Why you're less likely to see an Alpine ibex than your parents were

The father of 26 preaching birth control 
  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 23:19:25 GMT 
    The man with 26 children who's preaching birth control

Who will combat Islamic State? 
  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:43:15 GMT 
    Jeremy Bowen asks who will fight IS on the ground

Just what exactly is Freudian? 
  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 23:36:35 GMT 
    Just what exactly does the term Freudian mean?

Polish theatre dedicated to Shakespeare 
  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 23:07:46 GMT 
    Opening night for Shakespeare theatre... in Gdansk

Quiz of the week's news 
  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 23:43:04 GMT 
    Which animal fought a valiant battle against an escalator?

How real is The Riot Club? 
  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 23:40:28 GMT 
    How real is the Riot Club?
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National News From NPR
Look, Mom, I Finally Made It To Broadway!  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:52:40 -0400
A Coastal Paradise Confronts Its Watery Future  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:49:00 -0400
Court Says Navy Investigators Illegally Scan Civilian Computers  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:29:00 -0400
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World News From BBC
Scotland votes no to independence  Fri, 19 Sep 2014 05:36:56 GMT
Obama hails Congress vote on Syria  Thu, 18 Sep 2014 23:48:52 GMT
Ebola 'threat to world security'  Fri, 19 Sep 2014 01:10:52 GMT
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