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National News From NPR

'Completely Unique': Cave-Dwelling Female Insects Have Penises 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:34:00 -0400 
    A team of international scientists have found four species of insects with reversed sex organs. The females' anatomy may have to do with their need for nutrients that only males produce.

The Ohio Snake Art That's Been Mid-Slither For A Millennium 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 17:12:00 -0400 
    In another installment of the Spring Break series, Noah Adams visits the Serpent Mound in southern Ohio. It's not a burial site; it's a massive, grass-covered snake effigy, created a millennium ago.

Chelsea Clinton Says She's Pregnant 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 17:07:00 -0400 
    The 34-year-old daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she and husband Marc Mezvinsky are "very excited."

When Being Pregnant Also Means Being Out Of A Job 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 17:03:00 -0400 
    Thirty-six years after Congress passed the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, employers still have very different interpretations of what they're required to do to accommodate expectant mothers.

Out Of A Tough Day Of Diplomacy, A Surprising Deal On Ukraine 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:04:36 -0400 
    Diplomats from the United States and Europe gathered in Geneva Thursday to discuss how to resolve the crisis in Ukraine. Secretary of State John Kerry and his counterparts from Russia, Ukraine and the European Union spoke for more than five hours on the issue.

States Are Spotty In Following High Court Lead On Juvenile Sentencing 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:04:36 -0400 
    The Supreme Court has recently ruled that mandatory life sentences, without parole, for juveniles are unconstitutional, but states have varied in how they've complied with these decisions.

Following Enrollment Deadline, Health Care Focus Turns To States 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:04:36 -0400 
    President Obama met Thursday with insurance company executives and a separate group of insurance regulators from the states, discussing their mutual interest in administering the new health care law.

Unlikely Partnerships Spring From California Water Crisis 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:04:00 -0400 
    Farmers in the parched Central Valley are joining forces with farmworkers and a broad cross section of politicians to pressure the federal government to offer relief.

Obama: Affordable Care Act Enrollment Hits 8 Million 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:59:00 -0400 
    At a White House briefing, the president referred to the Affordable Care Act, saying "this thing is working," and urged Republicans to stop trying to repeal the law.

Hillary Clinton's Presidential Chess Board 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:49:00 -0400 
    Much of what will happen in the 2016 presidential race — in both political parties — hinges on whether Clinton decides to run. She has said she'll announce by the end of the year.

BP Exec Who Led Cleanup Settles On Charges Of Insider Trading 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:14:00 -0400 
    Keith A. Seilhan, who was the incident commander directing the company's cleanup effort, allegedly sold $1 million in BP stock based on nonpublic information about the extent of the spill.

15 Injured After Firetrucks Collide, Smash Into LA Restaurant 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 12:04:00 -0400 
    Two vehicles from different departments were rushing to the same fire in a suburb of Los Angeles when they collided. One of them careened into the restaurant.

Why Did Vanity Fair Give 'Belfies' A Stamp Of Approval? 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 11:47:57 -0400 
    "Selfie" may have been the 2013 word of the year. But "belfies," or "butt selfies" are now in the spotlight. We learn more about why they earned a fitness model a spread in Vanity Fair magazine.

'Miserable' Doctors Prescribe A Different Career 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 11:46:00 -0400 
    A lot of children grow up wanting to be doctors, but now some physicians are discouraging others from joining the profession. What has changed over the years?

You've Served Your Country, Now Get To Class 
  Thu, 17 Apr 2014 11:45:38 -0400 
    Government benefits enable military veterans to attend college, but accessing them is complicated. So how can veterans pay for higher education?
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